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Northern Ohio Railfan

What this web page is all about
  • A list of places in northcentral and northwestern Ohio where I take photographs of trains
  • A description and map of these sites
  • Links to my favorite sites


Berea to Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor west

Berea to Greenwich

Vermillion to Bellevue

Favorite Pictures

Favorite Links

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Welcome to my web page.  My name is Jim.  I live in a suburb of Cleveland.  I take pictures of trains and I have some favorite spots that I would like to share with you.   They are all between Cleveland and the Ohio line, including NS and CSX.

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Update 9/6/00

Added a new section today called Vermillion to Bellevue. You can go directly to that page through this link Vermillion to Bellevue.

The traffic on the Chicago line is increasing weekly, very few trains parked now. NS symbols are being used more and more, still the same frequencies.  CSX is now running a lot of EB's in the morning, sometimes only 10 minutes apart from Willard to Greenwich and up the Big 4 to Cleveland.  Berea is the place to be to see a lot of trains.  Bellevue is also very busy in the mornings.  NS calls out signals through Berea; CSX does not.


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