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Welcome to page three. Here we will cover the ex-Conrail Big 4 line from Berea, MP 13 to Greenwich, MP 54.  This line is now CSXT, newly double tracked with a lot of new signals.  The traffic level has gone from about six trains in daylight to more than twenty.  Another change is the W&LE which used to cross at New London and run parallel all the way to Greenwich.  The Wheeling now gets on CSXT at New London and rides welded rail to Greenwich.

There are three detectors. Columbia, MP 19 at Root Road,   LaGrange, MP 32.3 at Nickle Plate Diagonal Road, New London, MP 50.5 at Route 13.  There are five or six good places for pictures, lets go to the first one. From Berea Tower go west on Depot St. to Rocky River Dr. turn left, go south to Bagley Road.Go west on Bagley for 2 miles to Route 252 (Columbia Road) turn left and go south 1 mile to the tracks. 


Olmsted Falls
There is good parking here and the MP 15 signal is good for westbounds. This is the red cross on the map. Follow the railroad west to where it crosses Rte. 82.The MP 21 signal is right here, good for eastbounds and late afternoon westbounds, also a good parking spot on the east side of the tracks. Go west on Rte 82 3 miles to Rt 83, turn left and go south 1 mile to Capel Road. Here the MP23 signal is good for eastbounds.  Next stop is the LaGrange detector, actually about 2 miles west of LaGrange at the Nickle Plate Diagonal Road crossing.  Not much parking, but the MP 32 signal is good for westbounds.  After here, we zigzag west to Wellington.
Just south of the Route 18 crossing is the Magyar Street crossing, a better place to shoot, is at the red cross  Four hundred yards south of Magyar is MP 37 where the Wheeling line from Brewster to Bellvue crosses.  Just a few trains use this line each day, but they need permission from the Columbus Line dispatcher to get across.  One half mile west on Route 18 is the Lorain & West Virginia Railway with a small yard, this is the black arrow. At present, an E8 LSRX101 is sitting facing northeast at Route 18.
New London
New London has good parking and a chance to catch the Wheeling coming off of the old AC&Y line. This is the black arrow on the map. The best time for pics is in the summer afternoon marked by the red cross. There is a McDonalds in town on Route 162.


Greenwich is where the Columbus Line goes down to one track and crosses the CSXT Chicago Line.  The new double track goes west to Willard. The Wheeling gets off CSXT just west of the diamond and goes to Carey. This is at the black arrow.  The best place is right at the diamond marked by the red cross.


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