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Oak Harbor West

We are now just west of Oak Harbor on Benton Street at signal MP266.  The NS bridge is in the background, this location is best for westbounds in the afternoon. Just west of here at MP 267 is where the NS connection comes in at Vogel Road. 

At a lot of the crossing from now on, the tracks are elevated, and there is no place to park.  Also there are ditches on either side of the road that can fill with snow in the wintertime and can be very dangerous.  The spots I have selected either have good parking or the tracks are not elevated.


Working our way west from Oak Harbor, going through Rocky Ridge which is wide open but unexciting. We end up on True Road which is the small red cross on the map. There is a signal here for either westbounds or eastbounds. In Graytown the elevator is a backdrop for westbounds.  The next stop is Elliston Trowbridge Road for the signal at MP 272. This is the blue star on the map. This location is best for eastbounds. The Graytown detector at MP 271.6 is the large red cross on the map.  Two miles west of here is Opfer-Lenz Road.  The signal at MP 274 is good for westbounds.

At Genoa-Clay Center Road just east of Millbury, MP 276 signal is good for westbounds.  There is also a quarry here which loads ballast trains.  3402 is seen parked in the siding at Clay Center.  This is the small red cross on the map.  The blue star marks the general area west of Millbury.  There are several crossings here.  Most of them don't have good parking.  The Millbury detector at MP 288 is the large red cross on the map.  At this point, go north to Walbridge Road, and go west about 2 miles to CSXT's Walbridge Yard.  This is best for pics in summer a.m.  One half mile west of Walbridge is NS's Stanley Yard.  You could spend a whole day here if you want.  We are now going to jump back onto Route 280 and go south, about 2 miles, to the Turnpike and go west.  About 20 miles west, get off the Turnpike at the Toledo Airport exit.   Now go west on Route 2 about 4 miles to Swanton.

Downtown Swanton at MP 306.7. Good parking, signal for eastbounds.  Now go west on Route 2, and go through Delta. 


One half mile west of Delta go left on F-G Road.   MP 313.2 has a signal for westbounds. This is the small red cross on the map. The large red cross is the Delta detector at MP 311.3.  Go south on F-G to F Road, turn right, and go west under the I & O, frequency 161220.  There is a connection between I & O and NS.  The traffic on the I & O is infrequent.   Continuing west on F to road 10, turn right to NS.  On the north side of the tracks are two steel companies, Worthington Steel on the left with a switcher WX-1.   On the right, BHP Steel with several Alcos.  This spot is marked by the blue star on the map.  The N&W line on this map is gone.  The next stop west of here is Wauseon at MP 320. Good parking, old depot, and LS&MS caboose # 10759, plus signals for eastbounds.  Pettisville at MP 324.4 has good parking and signals for eastbounds.  Archbold at MP 328.8 has good parking and is wide open with signals for eastbound shots.


On the east side of town at county road 15-D, good shots of eastbounds working the yard.  From here, go south on Union Street to East Trevitt, turn right and go west crossing the old CCCStL which is now an industrial track that goes to the south end of town.  After crossing Main Street you will see this small yard on the right, usually 3 or 4 units here.  From here you can follow the tracks west to Edgerton.  There are several crossing, nothing spectacular.   In Edgerton you can work the grain elevator into a late summer pm shot. 
Waterloo, Indiana
From Edgerton, go west about 12 miles to MP 364 just east of Waterloo, Indiana.  At the Dekalb County grain elevator, there is unit # 103 a Baldwin DS-4-4-10.  This trip has gone from Berea, Ohio MP 194 to Waterloo, Indiana MP 364.  I hope you found the maps and information helpful.
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